The Last Boy Scout Full Movie Review

It doesn’t take much for Tony Scott to surprise the audience in his 1991 film the Last Boy Scout. This film was prominent for its dark tone and brutal world where people will do anything to get vengeance or power over one another. But even with that, the movie manages to find a bit of levity all around. So lets dive into the Last Boy Scout full movie review.

Why is it a Manly?

So, what makes the Last Boy Scout a manly movie worth checking out? It is a story filled with gripping action scenes and some of the most interesting and entertaining characters that Scott has brought out in his career. Paired with a screenplay from a master of the buddy cop movie, the Last Boy Scout is a movie that all men should see. Just don’t be surprised if you feel a little uneasy as you are watching.

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An Entertaining Action Film

The Last Boy Scout stars Bruce Willis as Joe Hallenbeck, a former Secret Service agent and a current detective who feels burned out and disillusioned by his job. He is charged to protect Cory, a stripper played by Halle Berry in one of her earliest film roles. Cory is getting threats from many against her life, thus putting Joe in the case of securing her.

But soon, Cory is ambushed and killed, thus leading to an investigation over who could have killed her. Her death soon brings in Jimmy Dix, a former professional football quarterback played by Damon Wayans. Jimmy was kicked out of the sport for gambling on his games. Jimmy had been dating Cory at the time of her murder.

As the two look to figure out what could have happened, they both look for suspects and clues. But as it turns out, there is more to the case than what they know. As it turns out, the owner of a professional football team is aiming to do what he can to buy off government officials and make gambling on professional football legal.

The chase between Joe, Jimmy and the corrupt owner and government entities leads all around Los Angeles and heads into a huge climatic gunfight in the middle of a professional football match. The movie also features many interesting henchmen including Taylor Negron as one rather hostile man ready to hurt just about anyone in some of the most surprising ways possible.

Plenty of Surprises

The Last Boy Scout is a manly movie for how it highlights two great men looking to save the day and get vengeance for the death of a woman that they both cared for. But even with that, there are still various surprises all around. From gunfights on the football field to intense beatings and even children taking part in some of the most brutal attacks in the movie, the Last Boy Scout pulls no punches.

The intensity of the story is exciting and unique as well. Tony Scott shows his amazing ability to create stirring action scenes throughout the movie. Of course, this is the same filmmaker who gave us other great manly movies like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Crimson Tide and Man on Fire so it should not be any surprise that the show would be as thrilling as it is.

There are plenty of laughs to be found in the movie as well. The interplay between Willis and Wayans is brilliant as it entails two great men shooting the breeze and having fun with each other as they look to solve a crime. Seeing how they both have experience in comedy, it is no surprise that they would hit it off so well. (The fact that Willis and Wayans reportedly could not get along with each other during filming makes this chemistry all the more impressive.)

Of course, much of this is thanks to the work of screenwriter Shane Black, a writer best known for his work on the Lethal Weapon movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Last Action Hero. It is no wonder why Black earned nearly $2 million for his script, a record at the time.

The Last Boy Scout is a gripping and powerful film about vengeance and going after the bad guy that makes it an entertaining manly film. Anyone who can make it through the entire movie should be considered as being manly too.

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The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout