The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a True Western Classic!

The story of the 1968 film the Good, the Bad and the Ugly is simple and easy to understand. It is about three men who are looking for a shipment of gold during the Civil War.

But this iconic western movie is about more than just looking for gold. It is a true masterpiece that showcases three incredible actors as they head around looking for the treasure.

This manly movie is one that has a stunning style in its right. The amazing suspense and thrill of this movie make it unlike anything in the world of western movies. The strong and powerful performances of the three leads exude manliness all over.

Three Amazing Stars

The three actors who make up the good, the bad and the ugly make this a manly film that everyone deserves to see. To start there is the gunslinger played by Clint Eastwood. He goes by a few different names; some call him Blondie while others call him Joe. All Blondie wants to do is get out there and take in a few dollars.

Clint Eastwood has pulled together many great performances over his career but this may be his most iconic. Blondie is a man who is motivated by nothing more than himself and his desire to take in gold. He is fearless and ready for anything.

Lee Van Cleef also stars as Sentenza, or Angel Eyes as he is also known. Angel Eyes is out to take on anyone and will do anything so long as he gets paid well. He hears about the missing gold from someone that he was hired to kill and heads out to find a man named Bill Carson who knows all about it. But little does he know that Carson died while telling Blondie and Tuco about the gold.

This leads us to the third man in the equation, Tuco. Played by Eli Wallach, Tuco is an outlaw wanted by the authorities. Tuco wants to get the gold for himself after Blondie sets him free. They had been living off of Tuco’s bounty but after Blondie gets away with it himself, the outlaw goes out for vengeance.

The three men are all out looking for gold amid the turmoil of the Civil War. Eventually, the three men do team up to find the gold together. But as it turns out, it will take quite a bit of effort to try and get the three of them to work together for a common cause.

The quest soon leads them into a showdown with one another at a cemetery where the gold is buried. Even with the prospect of all three sharing the gold, no one wants to walk away with only a partial victory.

A True Atmospheric Thrill

Watching Eastwood, Wallach and Van Cleef together is a spectacle in its right. The three men are among the manliest you will see in a western as they are looking out for themselves and refusing to let anything get in the way. But the interactions between the three certainly adds some thrills as it is impossible to figure out where they will go next.

Even the movie’s setting is a thrill in its right. Director Sergio Leone knew how to create an atmosphere unlike anything else in this film. Like he did with many of his other famous westerns, Leone shot the film entirely along the Italian countryside. It adds grit and intensity that is tough to find in westerns shot on back lots or around other desert spaces.

The many short scenes of the characters in play and the close-up shots of the three stars throughout the movie add a sense of tension that puts the viewer at the edge of one’s seat. You can see the motivations and attitudes of the many people in this film as they are hell bent on getting the gold that they feel is rightfully theirs.

The thrill of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly makes it one of the most intense westerns that you will ever see. Check out this memorable western movie as it is an intense and gripping manly movie that has set itself out as one of the greatest westerns ever made.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly










  • A Clint Classic
  • One of the best Westerns ever made.
  • True traditional manliness


  • May not be appreciated by younger viewers
  • Can be slow at times