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The Last Warrior (2018)

The Last Warrior (2018)

The Scythian    18 Jan 2018

Not Rated 105 minReleased

IMDB: 6.2/10 1,494 votes

Director Rustam Mosafir effectively creates a bloody and mystical medieval world in the historical action movie, The Last Warrior. The movie was produced by the CTB Film Company and was distributed by 4Digital Media. The hero of The Last Warrior is Lyutobor (Aleksey Faddeev), a bodyguard/warrior for Lord Oleg (Yuriy Tsurilo) who rules the Principality of Tmutrakan in Medieval Eastern Europe. When a gang of mercenary bandits calling themselves the “Wolves” attack Lyutobor’s peaceful village and kidnap his wife, Tatyana (Vasilisa ...