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Killing Gunther (2017)

Killing Gunther (2017)

Killing Gunther    22 Sep 2017

R 92 minReleased

IMDB: 4.7/10 125 votes

About 15 punishing minutes into this disaster, a man vomits on the floor before a faraway shot shows Arnold Schwarzenegger firing an RPG towards the camera. Except it’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s a double, with a CGI rocket using Sega Genesis processing power. Vomit, an actor who doesn’t show up and awful CGI, these set the tone for this ‘movie’ and yet they don’t even begin to describe how truly awful it is. Nevermind Killing Gunther, here, ...

Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

Daddy's Home Two    10 Nov 2017

PG-13 100 minReleased

IMDB: 6.0/10 882 votes

With this film you cannot go by the usual review aggregation verdicts. There is a disproportionate bias that we kept an eye on (it was mostly hatred of Mel Gibson), and while it’s not exactly Gibson or Mark Wahlberg’s best entry, it’s easily worth a watch. Even before Gibson shows up, it’s already fun. Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) and Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) are now best pals, with the latter now acquiescing to Whitaker’s softly and ‘progressive’ family leadership methods. It’s ...

Ocean’s Eight (2018)

Ocean’s Eight (2018)

Ocean's Eight    08 Jun 2018

PG-13 110 minReleased

IMDB: 6.9/10 425 votes

You’d have to wonder how studio execs can’t see it at this point — that feminist rip off movies that are ordered as political statements first, entertainment ventures second, are proving inefficacious at best. Like Ghostbusters, they’ve made a new all-female comedy ensemble in Ocean’s 8 and it is quite dire. No laughs are to be found… maybe even worse, you can’t really even laugh at it. The film has Sandra Bullock star as Debbie Ocean, George Clooney’s (Danny ...