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Acts of Violence (2018)

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Acts of Violence (2018)Acts of Violence (2018)


I’ve scaled back the reviews of VODmit on here. I think I engaged in too much self flagellation in 2017 in that regard (but now I have a giant backlog of turds that might get tackled) and needed some recovery time. But if you’re like me, think about it positively, because fans of awful movies are usually more intelligent, studies have found. Anyway, nothing much said about this movie so far, because credit-to-credit it’s probably about 80 minutes long, with very little of note happening. With about 8-10 minutes of Walter_B in it.

The film is a poor man’s Taken. Some men kidnap a wife-to-be outside a nightclub to enter her into their sex trafficking ring. Among the kidnappers are Sean Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan’s son, who looks like both Kiefer Sutherland and Pierce Brosnan impregnated the same woman and he was the result, if such a thing is possible. Among the pursuers are three brothers, led by Cole Hauser, two of whom are Iraq War veterans. Lagging behind is police detective Bruce Willis, tracking the gang.

It’s not long before the good guys take a leaf out of John Wick’s book and starting smashing their way into buildings and opening fire with automatic weapons, asking very little questions. They’re not a fan of Bruce Willis’ cop’s vigor, in chasing the baddies. Indeed, Willis sits at his desk, sullen, his character on the booze and looking depressed, complaining that he’s fed up with this shit (pervs going free). For this role, Willis has very little acting to do, both in screen time nor in effort.

As far as VODmit movies go, I’ve seen a lot worse. Especially with Bruce Willis in them. The film is short and straight forward. But don’t take this as a suggestion to watch it, because a decent ‘VODmit’ effort is seldom worth the bother. I mean, here is one suggestion – why not take the money you would’ve spent on Willis’ cameo and instead put the money into some good gunfights, with real blanks, instead of cutting corners with that new horrible trend of fakery? You would’ve gotten a better response from me. With its fake CGI gunshots and most of the movie filmed in shitty rundown abandon factories, you’re better off avoiding this cardboard.

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Original title
Acts of Violence
Brett Donowho
Ashton Holmes, Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Jenna B. Kelly, Melissa Bolona, Mike Epps, Sean Brosnan, Shawn Ashmore, Sophia Bush, Tiffany Brouwer
Release Date
12 Jan 2018
86 min
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