Swordfish Movie – A Goofy, Guilty Pleasure From The Early 2000’s

The Swordfish Movie is one of those action thriller flicks that has just about everything. Guns, gadgets, girls, explosions, bank robberies, international escapes, and much more all cram into the hour and a half 2001 action crime thriller. The movie contains some pretty bona-fide stars, including a young and upcoming Hugh Jackman, fresh off the success of the first X-Men. Jackman plays a top class computer hacker, and gets recruited by a team of crooks looking to make better use of billions of US Government dollars.  Halle Berry, John Travolta, and Don Cheadle also star in the flick, and overall the movie has some pretty hilarious and over the top moments…


Could you could hack into a secure government server in less than 60 seconds, while getting a BJ from a gorgeous blonde? Swordfish explores that possibility…

Swordfish Movie Review with Travolta

The Story – Just A Bit Of Fun

The plot is pretty simple – a hacker is brought in to help a team of criminals funnel billions of dollars out of some government accounts and into their own pockets. There’s a few twists and turns along the way, but the story isn’t as important as enjoying the ride. All the actors have plenty of talent, and they engage you even if the writing is a bit sloppy. Also, we can almost never take John Travolta seriously, so be prepared to laugh out loud at some of the cheesy one-liners and silly scenarios.

Now, they definitely could have done some things better with this movie. When you watch it, the 2000’s era gadgets and techno soundtrack will seem corny and out of touch, and the story is generally all over the place, but honestly that just adds to the charm. This is not a movie you want to take seriously! That said, it does have some good moments that will get your testosterone pumping. You will see some epic explosions, and even a helicopter flying a passenger bus across a city – think of it like a more light-hearted James Bond.

Showing Some Skin…

Now we try to keep things classy at Manly Movies, but it wouldn’t be right for us to not mention all the reasons why you might want to watch Swordfish. The film contains Halle Berry’s first topless scene (Check out our Movies With Boobs), which she apparently earned an extra $500, 000 to include. This was even a bit controversial when the movie premiered, and gave them a lot of publicity. Of course it’s not exactly an essential plot point, but hey, we’re not complaining. Halle (and a few other chicks) are pretty smoking in the Swordfish movie, and to be honest she might be one of the better reasons for checking it out. No need to thank us by the way.

John Travolta, What Are You Doing?

Travolta is one of those actors that you see and think: “how is that guy famous?” He’s got talent, but some of his acting choices are strange, to say the least. You’re going to see some hilariously bad acting from this guy, but somehow he makes it work. His character is actually one of the funniest and most interesting, and he spouts some of the best lines of the whole film. It’s really his character that will tie most of the story together anyway.

Travolta will say some seriously silly s**t throughout this movie (and in real life – check out his weird behaviour at the Oscars on youtube), so make sure you pay attention when he gets onscreen – you’ll laugh your ass off.


The Verdict

We’re not going to lie here, the Swordfish Movie will not win any prizes in artful storytelling. It’s not reinventing the cinematic wheel either. It offers great action, awesome special effects, a few original takes on the crime thriller genre, beautiful girls, and an overall hilarious ride from a film made when life was just simpler.

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  • Solid Cast
  • Halle Berry Topless
  • Good Action Scenes
  • Awesome Special Effects
  • Beautiful Girls


  • A Bit Corny
  • Some Bad Acting