The man in charge of the Suicide Squad movie and the plot

We have another darker version of the DC comics universe. This Suicide Squad review describes a movie that keeps DC comics fans inside the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice world, right after Superman’s demise. You just can’t even imagine a government that is more hopeless than the one. In Suicide Squad (2016) the government is eager to assemble a team of criminals/villains to fight off threats to humanity. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is resolute to help America and the world to prepare for the next Superman-like crisis. With the “Worst of the worst”, as she would put it.

Because of course, every superhero will become a terrorist at one point, right? The big question is can these villains work together for a good cause? Not all of them want to become friends. That was ours to find out during the film.

This turn of events doesn’t make any sense in the real world. But this hasn’t stopped the movie’s director David Ayer (Training Day, Fury, End of Watch, Sabotage) to do an intense DC comics action movie that matches with the Batman vs Superman universe. David Ayer somehow managed to make these villains fun and sympathetic to us.

And that’s why we went to see Suicide Squad, mainly because of the humorous actions scenes, that we know this director can produce. And Margot Robbie.

The Characters

From the start, this movie is all about characters and personalities. That is no surprise, considering the fact that we are talking about comic books here.

The classic Batman vs Joker battle is again embodied in Suicide Squad, at least briefly. The villain of villains, Jared Leto played Joker in his own creepy, demented, maniacal laughing and seductive version enriched with some green hair and teeth grille.

The Joker is in love with his former psychiatrist now turned sexual partner and his protege, a hot Harley Quinn played by strong and sexy Margot Robbie. Tattered fishnets, spiky stilettos, blue-and-red bikini bottom and tight T-shirt inscribed with “Daddy’s Lil Monster”. What a porn movie, right?

Moving on, we have model/actress Cara Develingne playing Enchantress is not that convincing in her performance. But she does the trick in playing evil spreading and a men-kissing villain who turns men into her slaves.

From other major stars in this flick, we have Will Smith (Deadshot), who plays the world’s best hitman that can direct a bullet like it was a drone. He is cruel but filled with tenderness for his little daughter, which is his main motive to come out on freedom again. Slightly worried at the beginning of this mission, he manages to keep his cool and bring back his mojo.

The origin story of these and every other character in this movie shows us what to expect in the beginning of the movie. They need to work as a unit composed by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and unit leader Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). The Joker appears in and out in the movie, but not enough according to DC fans.


All in all, Suicide Squad has every ingredient that a superhero versus villain films have. It also has the proper amount of action that we want to see in an action movie. It has the humor thrown at what are seemingly terrifyingly dangerous moments. The Suicide Squad is a gang of pleasantly crazy people with an inattention for any claim of doing something decent. But still, they are all motivated by the desire to get a chance to live normal again. Miles away from prisons and maximum security cells.

Besides the fact that they’re anti-heroes, they act as rebels for a cause here all encouraged by the spark of goodness in their minds and hearts. This spark somehow shines inside them. The Suicide Squad is here to stand when every other part of the government’s system fails to deliver. And our thoughts are that they will be here for at least 3-4 sequels of superhero action.

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad










  • Talented Cast
  • Margot Robbie Nailed Harley Quinn
  • Decent Action Scenes
  • A Welcome Change From The Classic Hero Movie


  • Several Unconvincing Roles
  • Another Missed Opportunity By DC Comics