Get ready to jump on board with Passengers!

Who doesn’t want to see a flick with hottie Jennifer Lawrence and everyone’s favourite tyrannosaurus fighting, galaxy guardian, Chris Pratt? Maybe Passengers is the movie for you.  The Passengers 2016 version is an action adventure movie about two passengers aboard a spaceship headed to colonize a new planet. When they are awoken 90 years before their scheduled destination, they must work together to solve the mystery of why the ship malfunctioned and what they can do to prevent the ship from destruction and losing all 5000 passengers on board.

Passengers, produced by Columbia Pictures, is a science fiction, action adventure romance that anyone can enjoy. With amazing special effects, digital and live action, Passengers proves to be an epic tale of survival and sacrifice. You will find the imagery is stunning. Additionally the drama will leave you feeling joy, sadness, happiness, and angst as the two main characters race against time to save themselves, the lives of the people on board, and the mission itself.

What’s It About?

Passengers is the story of the spaceship Avalon.  You’ll quickly discover it’s 120-year long mission is on course to colonize a planet called Homestead II. Jim Preston, played by Chris Pratt, is awoken after an unknown malfunction happens occurs.  He quickly discovers that it is 90 years before the ship’s scheduled arrival at new colony. Unable to stand the solitary environment he finds himself in, Jim wakes up Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Aurora Lane, though this basically condemns her to death. The two gradually fall in love as the ship starts to suffer massive malfunctions. Jim and Aurora must work together to save the ship and the 5000 people aboard, whether it means losing their lives or not.

Who’s In Passengers 2016?

Passengers 2016 Blu-Ray edition stars Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia, and Michael Sheen. The film was directed by Morten Tyldum, who’s experience includes the movies Headhunters, Buddy, and The Imitation Game.  Not to be forgotten, Passengers was written by Jon Spaihts, who penned Prometheus, Van Helsing, Doctor Strange, and The Mummy. Finally the movie was produced by Michael Maher, Stephen Hamel, Ori Marmur, and Neal H Moritz. Nominated for Academy Awards in sound, original score, and visual effects, Passengers is a science fiction movie meant for 2017 audiences.

What You Get with the Blu Ray

Passengers Blu-Ray, shot on digital 4k with a resolution of 1080p, offers a few great features, including subtitles in English, Spanish, SDH, and French on MPEG-4 AVC. The audio is a DTS-HD Master audio 5.1 on Dolby Digital 5.1 with UV digital optics. The Blu-Ray version comes with Passengers Awakening, a virtual reality experience puzzle and experience designed with the film’s concepts.

Passengers on Blu-Ray comes with a lot of bonus features. The Blu-Ray edition contains several short featurettes advertising the trip to colonize Homestead II.  Additionally the set provides ample deleted scenes and outtakes from the set. Passengers Blu-Ray contains interviews with the director, Pratt, and Lawrence, including a casting featurette. A mini-documentary, Space on Screen, chronicles the visual effects of the movie. Other features include a special about creating the Avalon and the detailing of creating the slick, modern spacecraft. This mini-special reveals the details of building the sets and the visual effects used to expand the scenes, which were done using practical rigging and advanced technology. Finally, a feature called On the Set with Chris Pratt is a short video about what it’s like to be on set with one of the biggest action stars of today.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Passengers is a decent science fiction flick with sleek sets, amazing visuals, incredible sound, and effects that will leave anyone thrilled with what the creators of the film accomplished. This movie may seem somewhat familiar as this basic story plot has been seen in several other films. However, despite a few different variations, you will find that this combination of the actors, story, and glorious effects makes Passengers a worthwhile addition to your home DVD and Blu-Ray collection.

Passengers is a visually stunning movie with a score that sends the movie to new heights. The A-list cast makes up for some of the movie’s shortcomings.  Some of these include some significant plot holes and a few slow moments. However if you are looking for an action-adventure flick in a sci-fi setting with all the modern bells, whistles, and effects, then Passengers 2016 is a good choice for you. The Blu-Ray edition, with all of its features, will make you glad you added Passengers to your collection.

Passengers comes out on Blu-Ray on May 12, 2017.













  • Great Cast
  • Amazing Visuals and Sound
  • Good Story


  • Some Plot Holes
  • Slow Moments