10 Best Movies With Boobs

If you don’t like boobs, then move on to another site because your not very manly. Manly movies are good but manly movies with boobs are even better. So we compile a list of some of the best manly movies with boobs for you.

For our list, we did not allow any porn on here, an R rating max was required.  Additionally, it had to be manly without the boobs.   Finally, this list will not be the same for everyone of course.  So  onto our list of movies with boobs.

Best Movies with Boobs

Swordfish (2001)

So with Hugh Jackman and John Travolta, we know the movie is off to a manly start.  Crime, murder, gunfights, hacking all lend them selves to keeping us entertained alone.   Add in Halle Berry, and you got something really worth watching.  But that’s not where it end.  Swordfish goes one step further by having Halle going topless for us!  And they did not disappoint. Read the full review here.


Stripes (1981)

Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, & John Candy make for a great comedy base so you know this movie will be funny.  They all join the army, torment their drill sergeant Sgt Hulka, and essentially cause chaos and havoc throughout the army, including stealing a top secret project for a weekend get away.  And while no one actress sticks out, there are numerous scenes with boobs throughout the whole movie.  So if you like humor with your boobs, then don’t miss this one.

Trading Places

Trading Places (1983)

Jamie Lee Curtis shows her boobs!
Jamie Lee Curtis shows her boobs!
Jamie Lee Curtis shows her boobs!

Oh and there was some comedy with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy being involved with a bet or something too.

Did we mention Jamie Lee Curtis shows her boobs?

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire (1992)

This is a long forgotten film that I think has always been underrated as a manly movie.  Brandon Lee stars with Kate Richards and Powers Booth.  Brandon plays a student who witnesses a mafia hit. He goes into witness protection which is paid off, and has to run for his life before being brought in by and undercover group led by Powers.  Kate show us her boobs too and they were definitely worth seeing.

Wild Things

Wild Things (1998)

When it comes to movies with boobs, this is the flagship.  Denise Richards & Neve Campbell bear them all for us.  There was also some plot about stealing lots of money, con after cons, murder etc.  But with all the boobs it was hard to remember.  To be honest this was only a step or two under a soft porn but since it has an R rating, it makes the list for us.


Vacation (1983)

Vacation was a great comedic movie staring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as the legendary or infamous Griswolds.  Clark wants to take his family on vacation to Walley World and nothing goes right for him or his family.  What does go right for us though is we get to see D’Angelos boobs.  That alone warrants this movie making the list for us.

Animal House

Animal House (1978)

Another comedy makes our list. Staring the late John Belushi, Animal house is a hillarious college movie about Dean trying to take out a fraternity but the frat fights back. While there are several scenes showing boobs, the most memorable one is with Mary Louise Weller. It’s no wonder Animal House makes our movies with boobs list.

Best Movies with Boobs: Sin City

Sin City (2005)

With 3 stories of violence and corruption, Sin City take place in Basic City, a dark and miserable town. Now having Bruce Willis and Clive Owen in it is enough to make it worth taking a manly look. However adding Carla Gugino topless, that seals the deal and puts it firmly on our list.

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Best Movies with Boobs: Roadhouse

Road House (1989)

Hired to straighten out a dive bar, Patrick Swayze plays the cooler who can handle anything. Unfortunately for him, he had to handle a lot more than he signed up for. But what really makes it manly is getting to watch him rip the bad guys through out with his bare hands. Did we also mention Sam Elliot is in this too? But what makes it part of our movies with boobs list are Laura Albert and Kelly Lynch showing use there boobs and a bit more.

Movie with Boobs: Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

Tell us if you heard this one before… So two buddies, one a screw up and one responsible, get high and want some White Castle. Needless to say White Castle isn’t easy to find and the comedy ensues. And this only gets worse once Neil Patrick Harris gets added to the mix. Drugs and boobs fly as they find crazy after crazy. The best boob scene is provided for us by Malin Åkerman. And we thank her and all the girls that have shown them to us.

Before You Go

And that concludes our 10 best movies with boobs list.  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.  We know your list may be different than ours. You may have other suggestions for us too.  So…

Please share your suggestion and thoughts with all of us in the comments section below.

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