Sink Your Claws into our LOGAN Movie Review!

What we learned from doing our Logan movie review is that this is the action flick we have been waiting for. Logan sinks its metal claws in from the minute the movie begins and doesn’t let go until the very end. An action adventure movie set in the near distant, dystopian future of 2029, Logan has more depth and originality than the other X-men predecessor movies. An excellent story, great visual effects, outstanding performances, and action like you’ve never seen, Logan is a grade-A movie dealing with contemporary world issues.

Who’s In It?

Starring Hugh Jackman as the titular role, Logan continues the X-men saga without making you feel you are watching an X-men movie. For those who are not a fan of the genre and mutant stories, Logan offers the most realistic portrayal of these comic book characters, their struggles, their strife, and the human interaction between people. One doesn’t need much back story of the mutant saga to be able to view this stand-alone film in the collection.

What’s It About?

The movie opens with Logan, who no longer goes by Wolverine, working as a limo-driver near the Mexican-American boarder. He is shacked up with Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart, no longer a professor with a school, hiding out in a warehouse to stay low key with the help of the mutant Caliban, performed by Stephen Merchant. The dystopian future of 2029 that they live in has seen no new mutants born for over twenty-five years. Xavier, now in his 90s, is old, frail, and suffers from neurological problems. Logan, too, is much older, his rejuvenation powers failing him due to being poisoned over the course of his lifetime from the adamantium in his skeleton.

The trio think they are the last mutants alive, until they run across 11-year-old Laura, played by Daphne Keen, who apparently has mutant powers, including claws and the ability to heal, similar to Logan. Referred to as X-23, Laura is on the run from men who wish to hurt her, and so Logan vows to protect her and return her to safety, no matter the cost. This is Hugh Jackman’s 9th incarnation as the mutant Logan/Wolverine, whose mutation is the ability to heal quickly from injury. He dons claws and has a metal skeleton after being part of a military scientific experiment.

The X Factor…

Hugh Jackman apparently fought for the R-rating of this movie to really portray the rage and violent character that is Logan. The film’s insane fight scenes and often gory action sequences help make this one of the best X-men movies in the series. The script allowed both Jackman and Stewart to delve deeper into their respective characters than we have previously seen, and their shared scenes on camera were the best in the movie. Stewart and Jackman’s acting was exceptionable in this Logan, as was the acting of the young actress Keen.

What Comes with Logan?

Fans will want to purchase the Blu-Ray edition as it comes in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD options, including a black and white version of the film entitled Logan Noir. Logan on Blu-Ray comes with 90 minutes of extra bonus features including audio commentary by director James Mangold of Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, and Wolverine fame. The Blu-Ray version comes with deleted scenes with additional optional audio commentary by Mangold. A short film, Making Logan, is a behind-the-scenes documentary only available on the Blu-Ray version.

Having already earned nearly $500 million dollars at the box office since its spring 2017 release, Logan has been on everyone in Hollywood’s lips as not only the soon-to-be most successful X-men flick to date, but also the biggest movie of the year. While millions were spent on marketing and advertising Logan, it is a great film whose word-of-mouth adoration by fans who have seen the film have sky-rocketed it to epic proportions—where, frankly, the film belongs.


This is Logan/Wolverine and an X-men movie like you have never seen, and is a must for anyone who is a fan of the series. This edition is exceptional considering the extra features and bonus black and white Logan Noir version. Logan will actually be re-released into theaters under the black and white version on May 16, the day it also available for purchase on Blu-Ray and digitally.













  • Best X-men Movie Yet
  • Great Fight Scenes
  • Exception Performances By Jackman and Stewart


  • Can't Think Of Any