JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO Continues to Deliver!

Has it ever happened to you that you left a film so wonder and awe-struck that your skin is buzzing? Has a movie ever given you so much adrenaline and joy that it made you more positive about the world? Have you ever been stunned by a lead character in a movie that you marveled at what the human body can do? Talking from experience, this is exactly what you will feel when you watch “John Wick: Chapter Two“.


Lionsgate and Summit’s John Wick 2 provides us precisely what we want and precisely what it promises. It’s somewhat light on real story and takes awhile to spring into action, yet it effectively extends the mythology and plunges into the criminal world which existed on the edges of the original movie. This time around, you may need to kill your ethical compass, more than last time at least, however, the picture eventually becomes a brilliant ballet  of dreadfully fierce fight scenes and gun battles, all organized for maximum creativity and clarity.

John Wick 2 is a more daring movie, braver and more brutal than the original film. It is shockingly funny as well, wringing comedy from physical fall and dry humor in unexpected situations. From multiple points of view, it is an ideal non-romantic action movie: operatic, however colored with perfect details, blistering instinctive yet tinted with poignancy. For all its extraordinary craft, the film is eventually an exhibit for Keanu Reeves, who comes back as the professional killer, demonstrating his incredibility both as an action star and actor.

Wick is bad at retiring. It is very simple to believe, as remarked on by others in the movie, that he is obsessed with the retribution he doles out with such confidence. All things considered, what else does he need to live for? John Wick 2 springs to live soon after the end of the original movie; Still, Wick is reeling from the demise of his spouse, being unable to get adjusted to a fresh life even with his charming, anonymous pitbull consistently beside him. (For people that want to know, the dog is safe.) He has small time to unwind when he sees Santino D’Antonio on his entrance, requesting that he follow through on the blood pledge he made years earlier that enabled him to resign from his deadly line of work. Wick refuses at first. One destructive house blast later, there is no other option for him. However, accepting the offer from Santino does not present to Wick the peace he craves so much. Before long, he winds up confronting dangers from all sides, including Santino’s quiet implementer Ares (Ruby Rose) and a bodyguard of the lady Wick is compelled to murder, Cassian (Common).

Like the first movie, John Wick 2 requires an immense suspension of incredulity: several of its ridiculous killings occur in broad daylight and in open places, however nobody ever appears to report them. Nonetheless, Reeves’ turn seems credible and merged interestingly with some dazzling supporting exhibitions. Keanu Reeves, together with Laurence Fishburne, playing the role of a camp crime lord referred to as The Bowery King, improvise convincingly on their previous The Matrix chemistry. Lan McShane of Game of Thrones, repeating the role of a godfather, similar to the one he played in the first movie, is normally appealing.


Wick is the ace of inventiveness with regards to murdering, and baddie are not what they used to be. The system of procuring must need updating provided that just a single or two of the zillions summarily sent out by our legend can hit their objective, no matter what firearm they utilize. At times, Wick is hurt yet he lives a physically enchanted life.

Try not to search hard for ladies in this film. In John Wick’s world, they are either gone or already dead, a criminal driving force, or a professional killer. It emphasizes the degree to which this is a deadly shooter film with no development of character advancement.

However, it is the action that astonishes as ever. The killing sprees were choreographed by Stahelski with dreadful sophistication and the flick includes really tense and capricious moments. John Wick: Chapter Two finishes by beating an extremely clear way towards a third movie. This sort of signposting seems like a cheat sometimes, however, it works here since you will leave feeling both intrigued and fulfilled. Bring Chapter Three on.


John Wick Chapter 2

John Wick Chapter 2










  • Action Packed
  • Well Choreographed
  • Creative Fight Scenes


  • Requires Some Suspension of Credability
  • Basically a Revenge Story