What is a Manly Movie? Well, the real guy movies are not just action-packed silly scenario B grade movies full of steroids and bodybuilding, but a real piece of cinema art that includes very harsh stories fully packed with very realistic challenges, and dangers that cause quite considerable adrenaline rushes during watching. Here, the well-trained stuntmen play always a crucial part, and sometimes actors also do both mentally and physically nasty and demanding stunts and scenes.

Our Best Guy Movies list:

Fight Club (1999)

This is one of the 50 Must-See Movies and also a first one of this list because it is even beyond manly. Great acting roles of the more than well-known Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were a perfect combination in the genius scenario that includes a twisted crescendo in the seemingly not so interesting plot. Therefore, I will not do the spoilers here, except to say that this one is about the alienation from the society and rediscovering parts of your own manliness.


The Great Escape (1963)

A film about the great troubles of WW II based on the great Paul Brickhill’s book that describes the historical and first-hand account of daring mass escape by prisoners from German Stalag Luft camp in Poland. James Garner, Richard Attenborough, and Steve McQueen play the roles of real-life characters or composites of them. Some details of this heroic escape from a Nazi camp were changed, but regardless this is one of the best manly movies of the 60’s that aren’t of the western genre.


Predator (1987)

One of those legendary movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a main role from the 80’s, and other important roles are performed by Carl Weathers, Richard Chaves, and Jesse Ventura, and so because of that alone, this one is a very manly movie. This one is among those guy movies which are an interesting combination of the equal proportions action and sci-fi elements, with some horror, and one of those where the alien is the hunter and the human is the hunted, so there is no need to further describe this one or the iconic character of the Predator.


Gladiator (2000)

Historical movies can often be about the manliness of that times, and there are no more manly characters from the Roman empire times that the gladiators. The plot in this one is a beginning of the decline of the Rome after the war with the great German tribe’s alliance in the late 2 century AD, and the death of the emperor which preferred a virtuous Roman general over his corrupt and malevolent son.

A general was perfectly portrayed by the Russell Crowe, and his road from the top to the bottom and back is outstanding, and it is no wonder why this one has won an Oscar in 100% deserved manner. This is probably one of the best historical guy movies that are made in the last 20 years.


Rocky (1976)

An outstanding scenario and first great role of the Sylvester Stallone about the hard life a rise of a marginal boxer, this one revolutionized the very definition of the guy movies and gave a vastly motivating message across the entire world. The film also catapulted Sylvester Stallone as a megastar, and that enough talks about the reflecting of the reality in the movie plot on the life outside the filming set, so I will not further say anything about this great and unforgettable piece of art except that it is a „must watch“ movie.


The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight series are far less childish, and far more gloomy and dark than the first Batman series, and these are the rare movies based on the comic book characters that can be surely considered to be very manly. Christian Bale role of the Batman here is an almost perfect one, but the main villain role of the Joker played by the outstanding Heath Ledger cost the actor his own life. Despite that it is based on the comic books this is the on of those uncompromising guy movies that possess a true scent of death around them.


Bronson (2008)

Based on a true story about the most notorious prisoner in Great Britain, this film can be part of any Manliest Movies List from the previous decade. Charles Bronson is superbly played by a Tom Hardy, he really becomes Charles Bronson both physically and in his mind for the movie. And a real Charles Bronson truly has a very original, violent and manly temperament that never pulled him out from the most secure prisons in England.


Braveheart (1995)

Another great historical movie from the 90’s, well, not so historically accurate in details, but a very manly one, and it is about the medieval Scotland and it’s rebellion against the English occupation. Mel Gibson plays a role of their great national hero William Wallace who paved the way for the liberation and freedom of their nation, and I will no do any spoilers here because the scenes and lines that have been said in this one, are really legendary.


The Godfather Part II (1974)

The Godfather series are one of the best movies series ever, let alone the amount of the manliness that’s stored in them. The second part of this great story about Italian mafia is simply a perfect film, with perfect flashbacks, roles and it will never fade as an outstanding blockbuster that has changed the world of films in the 70’s.


Ip Man (2008)

A Hong Kong movie about the hard life the teacher of the famous martial arts expert and actor Bruce Lee, and also a great half-fictional scenario that glorifies this extremely skilled and strong person. Life in China in those times was very harsh and the Ip Man proved that the great strength of character can overcome many different hardships and dangers, so it is not weird that this one deserves to be a last place on the list.


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