Looking for Some Free Movies to Watch?

The history of cinema gives us a massive variety of movies to check out right now. These include free movies to watch online right now on YouTube.

There are numerous manly movies for you to check out online. Such movies are made with plenty of great things that men are bound to love.

Some movies focus on men getting into all kinds of thrilling and fun action scenes. Others are about men showing just how strong they are and how they can truly get along with anyone.

Of course, some of these movies are a little older than others. Much of this is due to things like such movies not having as much of a demand for retail sales or television airings, thus making it easier for them to be found online. Even with that in mind, any great movie from the past could be a new experience for anyone who is not familiar with it.

One point for certain is that these manly movies are impressive films worth catching. Best of all, you can see them for free right now when you look online. Let us look at a few great options to watch for.


F.W. Murnau had to change the names of some characters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a means of avoiding copyrights when this iconic 1922 silent film was made. The film itself is a famous movie about a vampire out to find new victims. The strong wills of the vampire hunters and the stunning charisma of the title character make it an iconic film. The moody atmosphere of the film has especially inspired horror filmmakers nearly a century later. Try watching this in the dark if you dare.

The Man With the Golden Arm

Otto Preminger’s iconic film about drug addiction is a fascinating movie that looks into what it means to be a man and what one needs to prove himself to the world. As it turns out, living is not as easy to do when you don’t have an idea of what you want out of it. Frank Sinatra stands out here as a man falling deep into the world of drugs. His gripping performance brought him an Oscar nomination.

One-Eyed Jacks

This is the only movie that Marlon Brando ever directed. He stars as a western outlaw out to get vengeance over a bank heist gone wrong. The grit of Brando’s performance makes this a great movie. Karl Malden also stands out as the fellow bandit that Brando is out to get.

Beat the Devil

Humphrey Bogart has long been seen as one of the manliest actors in history. His charm and suave attitude make him a great figure in movie history. Beat the Devil, which features a script co-written by John Huston and Truman Capote, stars Bogart as a man out to try and claim a building that reportedly has a huge uranium mine attached to it. He and many other stars including Gina Lollobrigida and Jennifer Jones star in this appealing piece that shows just what a man will do to get his hand on some riches.


Maximum Overdrive

The big marketing ploy surrounding this entertaining movie is that it was a Stephen King adaptation directed by the horror novelist himself. It was all about King looking to make his work all the more entertaining. This movie about machines turning against their masters is a thrilling and occasionally campy flick with lots of action and more than enough southern charm. Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington and Yeardley Smith especially stand out as surprisingly appealing horror stars.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail

One of the funniest movies ever made, this classic from the United Kingdom features some of the best work that the Monty Python team ever produced. It is instantly quotable and features plenty of memorable scenes as well as numerous great characters that today’s man can easily relate to. Today it is available to watch online for free, and with that, there is much rejoicing.


Plan 9 From Outer Space

Let’s all be honest – Ed Wood’s 1959 B-movie, like just about everything else he made, is not very good. It is only online for free because no one would want to pay good money to see it. But the movie itself is a fun show to watch with plenty of laughs and amusing shots – all of which were unintentionally hilarious – all around. No man could resist Vampira in her role as a mute mistress of the night either. Then again, she is only mute because the actress thought Wood’s dialogue for her was terrible. Check out this appealing movie that inspired Tim Burton to make his famous movie Ed Wood.


The Driller Killer

Abel Ferrara stars in this movie he directed about an angry man who goes on a killing spree with a power drill. The movie is a scary flick with plenty of surprises and some attractive women and strong men all around. Be advised though that this is a pretty dangerous movie. It did not even premiere in the United Kingdom until nearly twenty years after it was made.


Bucket of Blood

The late horror icon Roger Corman made this outlandish horror movie in 1959. This is all about a man who kills people to support his art career. The scary nature of the film mixes surprisingly well with the dark humor scattered all around. It even has an amusing poke at the beatnik culture of the time.



Unfortunately, a sizeable amount of Fritz Lang’s silent sci-fi classic has been lost, what with the nitrate film used in Germany at the time being extremely fragile. The movie has some amazing early action and suspense mixed in while posing the question of what happens when one tries to make a human. The beautiful visual effects around the movie have especially inspired many filmmakers and continue doing so long after its 1927 debut.

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