The man in charge of the Desperado movie

The Desperado movie is written and directed by the one and only, Robert Rodrigues (Once upon a time in Mexico, Planet Terror, Sin City). After the success of “El Mariachi”, it was just a matter of time when Hollywood will want its own version. Of course, with a hot movie star playing as the famous hitman. Along came Columbia pictures, topping the “El Mariachi” budget of $7000 and making sure that the legend of the mariachi hitman lives on in style.

Like Sergio Leone before, Rodriguez knows how to handle atmosphere and how to give us more than a few sudden explosions of violence.

So basically, we have a sequel of “El Mariachi” filmed for nearly 1000 times more money than “El Mariachi”, called Desperado (1995).

The Characters and the plot

“Desperado” takes place in the exact same small Mexican town as “El Mariachi” (1992) did, and loosely continues the same story, although with a different actor.

The hero of “El Mariachi” is back and filled with anger and eager for a revenge. In the “El Mariachi”, his girlfriend got killed while he ended up with a serious injury. Now El Mariachi is hunting down the drug dealers behind his girlfriend’s murder in this sequel to the awesome, El Mariachi. And this time the villain is his own brother, the most powerful drug dealer in all of Mexico.

For the main role, everyone agreed on Antonio Banderas. And Antonio Banderas was the hot stuff back then. Gorgeous black thick long hair and two days shadow beard, bringing a lot of audience in theaters with every movie he made. Well, mostly women, but again, this was an actor that had the style and poise of the Mariachi.

This guy is only known as the “mariachi” and is something of a mystery and fear in Mexico. And keep in mind, Steve Buscemi tells the story at the beginning of the movie. So you know how eerie it sounds hearing about the Mariachi at a quiet bar filled with bad guys. We get a short glimpse of how the evil drug kingpin killed the Mariachi’s girl and put a bullet in his hand, making it impossible to play the guitar, although his gun slinging skill seems untouched. Basically, “The Storyteller” prepares the scene for the Mariachi to enter the bar.
When Mariachi enters the bar, he enters with his guitar. Of course, what else a mariachi would carry with him. Suddenly, everyone at the bar freezes with fear looking at Banderas with his guitar. Within moments, he tears up the bar with bad guys flying everywhere. A little unrealistic, but looks pretty cool.

At this point of the film, it looks like El mariachi can get out of every possible situation. The battleground continues on the streets, and boy how it continues. We’re talking about one of the hottest movie scenes ever. Enters Carolina (Salma Hayek). Her poise and beauty caused a car crash, but she takes it like it’s a normal thing that happens to her every day.

She’s just the type of hottie that we’re looking for in a movie like this: sexy, quickly seducing, and able to jump off roofs, shoot people and toss her hair passionately. Maybe women like these are only in a movie, but hey, we don’t mind that at all.

And all of this happens with one cause. Getting to the drug dealer Bucho and killing him. Because Bucho killed Mariachi’s girlfriend before. How about that for a motive?

Bucho (Joachim de Almeida), is a big name in the drug cartel scene. And he is the perfect bad guy for the Mariachi to hunt down. And he is not a guy to fuck around with at all. He shoots his employees casually, only to set an example of someone.

Final Thoughts

The Desperado movie remains loyal to the original story of “El Mariachi”, and even Carlos Gallardo, the original Mariachi makes a cameo return in Desperado as Antonio’s right-hand guy. For a graphic entertainment and macho feeling, Desperado is still the movie to watch. The movie introduced Hollywood to Robert Rodrigues’s plethora of blood and surreal masterpieces.


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  • Lots Of Guns
  • Plenty Of Shootouts
  • A Fun Revenge Story
  • Steve Buscemi


  • Can Be Too Silly At Times
  • Still Just Another Revenge Story