What makes Clint Eastwood movies soo manly?

Honestly, rare are those who deny that Clint Eastwood is rightfully among the most respected actors and directors of the American cinema history. He is the typical proof that the combination of manliness with the cunning approach and seemingly calm attitude in dangerous situations is a clear path to success, on both sides of the camera. So, here we will discuss Clint Eastwood movies, and explain why they are soo manly.

Clint Eastwood in Rawhide50’s – The start

There is a saying that the start is always the hardest, and that can be said for the beginning of Clint Eastwood’s acting career. With the stature of a basketball playmaker, and very manly appearance, the young Clint was easily noticed, but that wasn’t enough so, even he, was met with a series of rejections for his acting roles.

His first serious and bigger roles were in the movies “Death Valley Day“ and “Navy Log“, where it was clear that he can play both army officers, villains and other roles that demanded manly behavior. But his real road to fame started not with a movie, but with a series “Rawhide“.

60’s – The breakthroughClint Eastwood in Where Eagles Dare

The criticism for his work was also continued, but the passing of time told what is the real weight of those critics. Then an “A Fistful of Dollars“ trilogy by Sergio Leone came. And a full potential of a spaghetti western with it, because the more realistic the plot and the scenes became. Clint was superbly adaptable, and thus his roles in the western became legendary.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly“ was the last part of that trilogy, and it proves to be simply an outstanding movie in its every aspect, from the genius acting to its music. But, the sheer amount manliness in it is staggering, because it made a picture of wild western hardships, civil war and cruel nature of both environments and a character of the humans.

Beside western genre it was clear that Clint was an expert for the roles like the one in   “T Coogan’s Bluff “ and in a war movie “Where Eagles Dare“. It was already clear that the extreme intelligence of this actor was putting a very original mark on all of these movies, thus making them more manly.

Dirty Harry70’s – The actor’s fame and a start as a director

This decade was in many aspects a turning point in American filmmaking, and Clint’s adaptability and agility were able to cope with this very well. One of the examples of those movies from the 70’s was certainly “Dirty Harry“. Harry Callahan is a guy that everyone who has seen this movie easily remembers, maybe the first great action movie hero.

And yes, Eastwood was a guy who turned down a James Bond role, because of his opinion that the Englishman is the better for the role. The fresh amount of honesty and guts is what defines a true moral manliness so that was a part not only of Eastwood’s acting but also his directing. He both directed and acted in “High Plains Drifter“, and this movie proves it.

In the 70’s he starred in a lot of great movies, and in 1979 a movie “Escape from Alcatraz“ came out. Based on true facts about the escape from the notoriously guarded prison in the 60’s, this movie made an impact for some newer generations of thriller and action movie lovers of that time.

80’s – The “relaxation“Tightrope starring Clint Eastwood

In the 80’s came seemingly more relaxing time for a Clint’s acting career and his movies. But, nevertheless, there are a few memorable acts of this period. One of them is the 1984 film “Tightrope“. In this decade also came last of the Dirty Harry movies called “The Dead Pool“, which, from some angles, is the weakest film about the Dirty Harry, but nevertheless, it contains a high level of manliness in it.

90’s – The continuing and a perfect record of motion picture manliness

The most memorable movie from the early part of the decade is truly the “Unforgiven“. With western genre brought back to life the Clint Eastwood did his best in both directing and acting here. It was in this decade that he received the greatest recognition in the field of a movie making which he deserved a way before.

Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood

2000’s and 2010’s – The legacy of Clint Eastwood’s manly movies

In his late years in a 21st century, Clint Eastwood continued his legacy in creating and acting in his movies. In the previous decade, the movie that is most recognized is the “Million Dollar Baby“. Here he again did a great task of both directing and playing, and despite that this movie is a sports drama about a female boxer, it is in terms of its depth more manly than many today’s superficial “manly “ movies.

Clint Eastwood staring in Gran TorinoEastwood made another nice movie in the year 2014 proving that his talent for both acting and directing the war movies is one of the aces up his sleeve. “American Sniper“ is probably the best war movie of this decade, and it is a complex a deep, and based on a true life story which was, without a doubt, a very manly one, about the best sniper in the Iraq war.


The legacy of Clint’s movies will continue to live on in the future, and his work made a great impact on the film industry of the both second half of the 20th century, and the very beginning of the 21st century. That enough proves the huge manly strength of this very special persona.

Clint Eastwood is certainly one of the best western and war movies actor in the American cinema history. His acting and directing career is also one of the longest, so it is not wondering that he is one of the manliest symbols in the history, because he showed not just his ability or cleverness, but also some enormous endurance in both his movies and in the real world.

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