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Clint Eastwood Movies, What makes them soo Manly?

What makes Clint Eastwood movies soo manly? Honestly, rare are those who deny that Clint Eastwood is rightfully among the most respected actors and directors of the American cinema history. He is the typical proof that the combination of manliness with the cunning approach and seemingly calm attitude in dangerous situations is a clear path to success, on both sides of the camera. So, here we will discuss Clint Eastwood movies, and explain why they are soo manly. 50’s – The start There is a saying that the start is always the hardest, and that can be said for...

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What is a Manly Movie?

What is considered to be the manly movie is not just some action-packed ridiculous scenario rubbish full of muscles and steroids, but a piece of art that involves a harsh story packed with realistic dangers, and challenges that create real adrenalin rushes. In those movies, the stuntmen are always a very important part, and not rarely the actors themselves are very able to do both physically and mentally demanding and nasty scenes. Early years There are several types of movies that can be really counted among the precursors of the manly movies, and history proves that the first movies...

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Best Guy Movies, 10 Awesome Manly Films

What is a Manly Movie? Well, the real guy movies are not just action-packed silly scenario B grade movies full of steroids and bodybuilding, but a real piece of cinema art that includes very harsh stories fully packed with very realistic challenges, and dangers that cause quite considerable adrenaline rushes during watching. Here, the well-trained stuntmen play always a crucial part, and sometimes actors also do both mentally and physically nasty and demanding stunts and scenes. Our Best Guy Movies list: Fight Club (1999) This is one of the 50 Must-See Movies and also a first one of this...

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